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Bowel Preparation

Bowel preparation is required to clean out your colon for colonoscopy and some operations. It is important to follow these instructions carefully.


Day before Procedure

Drink CLEAR FLUIDS ONLY (listed below) for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Clear Fluids Include:

  • Clear Soup / Broth – e.g. Chicken noodle and strain out the noodles.
  • Clear fruit juice (apple, pear, grape, cranberry)
  • Plain Jelly (any flavour BUT no cream or fruit pieces)
  • Black Tea or Coffee (no milk)
  • Bonox
  • Lucozade / Gatorade
  • Barley Sugar
  • Clear Ice Blocks
  • Water

5:00PM: mix one sachet of MOVIPREP with a glass of water. This MUST be followed by three glasses of clear fluids as above to avoid dehydration.

9:00PM: mix the second sachet of MOVIPREP with a glass of water and drink. Once again it needs to be mixed with a glass of water. Don’t forget to follow with three glasses of water or clear fruit juice.

The preparation takes up to 3 hours to work but it is usually within 1 hour. Please remain within easy reach of toilet facilities.

Day of Procedure

All clear fluids, including water, must be ceased 6 hours prior to your admission time then you must not have anything to drink until after your procedure.

All medication should be taken as normal throughout preparation unless advised by your doctor. If medication is necessary on the morning of the procedure please take it early with a small sip of water only – e.g. blood pressure tablets. You must arrange someone to collect you and drive you home, or accompany you home after the procedure.

Any queries please don’t hesitate to contact Bronwyn Williams, Clinical Nurse on 0401 248 334.

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