Managing complex multiorgan surgery with multidisciplinary colleagues
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Serving both public and private patients at a range of hospitals
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Expert in all aspects of colorectal and general surgery
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How to choose a specialist

1. Is the surgeon a specialist in the required field?

Colorectal surgery requires a minimum of 2 years training after completion of General Surgical Training. Colorectal surgeons are specialists for general surgery as well as colorectal surgery and are competent in colonoscopy as well.

2. Does the surgeon have a public teaching hospital appointment?

Appointment to public teaching hospitals is extremely competitive and only the best trained and competent surgeons will be awarded this. It is much easier to obtain a private hospital appointment. Surgeons in public hospitals work together as a group and have the opportunity to meet and discuss patients regularly. In addition public appointments require the surgeon to participate in the Royal College of Surgeons Training programme.

3. Does your surgeon discuss cases in a Multidisciplinary forum?

Surgeons with access to public hospital multidisciplinary meetings can discuss both private and public patients with colleagues to deliver the best outcomes.

4. Who should perform your colonoscopy?

Both colorectal surgeons and gastroenterologists perform colonoscopy equally well. However only colorectal surgeons can perform other surgical procedures at the same time eg haemorrhoid treatment. This may result in fewer operations.

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